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About Me

My name is Lily and I'm a Japanese student and creative coder with a passion for exploring new places. Recently, I've been fascinated with the culture of Malaysia, particularly George Town, Penang. I would love to express the beauty and diversified culture of this amazing place using Javascript (p5.js). I hope that I can spread the spirit of an international and multiracial community that has long learned to live in harmony.

What I want to do

I've started "tabicoding" project since April 2023. "tabi" means "journey" in Japanese. It's also written "旅" in Chinese character.

I'm making arts by creative coding whenever I find beautiful patterns or favorite shapes during my travel or daily lives.

Through the tabicoding project I've learned about Penang's rich history and diversed culture. Furthermore, sketching the scenes or patterns in town using p5.js, I realized that I can trace people's lives on the street and art that enriches my heart. I hope that younger generations like me to explore the world around them through creative coding such as p5.js. I also would love to create a digital gallery of these sketches. It would be a fantastic way to showcase the talent and creativity of young artists and to inspire others to know each other and explore the world through art.

In this website, you can enjoy 3 things.
  • First, you can see my gallery and get to know what is creative coding.
  • Second, you can learn how to start creative coding in my lesson videos and draw basic shapes.
  • Finally, I would like to make a digital gallery of tabicoding in the near future with you!

My Gallery

In gallery, you can see real sites photos and arts by creative coding.
These pattern arts are made in p5.js using JavaScript.

Click the point markers to see sketches

This map tells you where all the coding arts above are made.
You can also check the actual coding of the patterns in OpenProcessing links.

Let's explore Penang

Let's explore Penang and the coding arts with me!
I will show you some example of "tabicoding" in the video below!
This is the fun of "tabicoding".

Let's Make Art - Lessons

Let's get started with Creative Coding together!
Here is a quick lesson on how to get started with Creative Coding.
The reason I recommend Creative Coding is that it will make your everyday life more colorful.
You will be excited to create your own art as you become more creative in the way you look at things, patterns, and landscapes.
Once you learn how to code with p5.js and start traveling, you will be eager to do "tabicoding".

What is creative coding? What is p5.js? What is OpenProcessing?

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